‘Ask Nailsea’ Consultation

In February this year Nailsea residents and businesses were asked to submit their opinions via the ‘Ask Nailsea’ Consultation, to tell the Council what they would like to see the funds from the sale of Engine Lane – as well as Community Infrastructure Levy payments – spent on.

There were a fantastic 814 responses, which once consolidated into groups of similar or duplicate ideas totaled 227 suggestions spread over 22 categories. All of these need to be considered.

The Council have reviewed all of the suggestions and they are decided using the following;

  •  Yes – this idea will be shortlisted for further exploration
  • Maybe – this idea will require further research before a decision can be made, and may require other organisations involvement to proceed. It could be that the project can’t be progressed with the capital funds, but may be that it can fit with future opportunities and Council goals
  • No – this is not a project the Council can take further (we will fully outline reasons why in the responses)

Research and project management is taking place before items can be progressed, and ultimately the residents of Nailsea will have the final say on what they would like to see in the town. This will come later down the line once all data is gathered and a full understanding of the requirements to undertake these outlined.

Below you will find a link to the document which shows the consolidated decisions and the Council’s replies to these, as well as the breakdown of items which will be reviewed further with hopes of taking them forwards.