About the Council

Nailsea Town Council has a range of powers and responsibilities which includes managing the Tithe Barn, maintaining sports fields and the Garden of Rest, reviewing planning applications, providing grants to local organisations and employing an Orderly to improve the cleanliness of the Town.

A crucial function is liaising with North Somerset Council on behalf of residents regarding the services it provides, including waste management, highways, public rights of way and planning. The Council also works in partnership with a number of organisations to promote improvements in the Town and address issues of importance.

The Town Council’s priorities are: the future of Nailsea, green belt land, the town centre, heritage, open spaces, leisure facilities and community safety.

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The Role of the Town Council encompasses three main strands and, within its statutory role, it will use the approach which it regards as best suited to achieving its objectives:

1. Direct Powers

The statutory powers of Town Councils are quite limited, but where it has the power to act in the best interests of the residents, the Town Council will seek to do so. This includes committing financial and staff resources in providing services or pursuing objectives.

2. Supporting the Work of Others

Where the Council does not have the power or resources, or is not the most appropriate body to take a lead role in an activity it will seek to support local groups who wish to develop their own social, cultural, recreational, community and charitable activities. This support will, where appropriate, take the form of advice and encouragement with financial support by means of grants and occasionally, loans.

3. Advocate for Nailsea

The Council works to ensure that other bodies, especially North Somerset Council, fulfil their obligations towards residents. It will continue to represent the interests of Nailsea with statutory and other bodies for the benefit of residents.